Coffee Roaster of the Month – Novel Coffee Roasters

Oil that is. Black gold. Texas tea. Maybe these words sound familiar if you grew up watching the Beverly Hillbillies when you were a kid. While it goes without saying that everything is bigger in Texas, and if you don’t like the heat you might as well move, the fact remains that this is a state … More Coffee Roaster of the Month – Novel Coffee Roasters

Texas Coffee Trip

I’m taking off today for 6 days in Texas. It’s a state I’ve never been to before (unless you count that one time I had a 3 hour layover in the Houston airport on route to Cost Rica). I’m hitting up Dallas, Waco, Austin & San Antonio. Texas has such an incredible coffee culture, and … More Texas Coffee Trip

Coffee Roaster of the Month – Ladder Coffee

If I were to ask you what city in Washington State that begins with an “S” is killing it in the specialty coffee scene, what would you guess…Seattle? While you’re right in guessing that Seattle is still a hot-bed of all things wonderful when it comes to specialty coffee, I would strongly suggest familiarizing yourself … More Coffee Roaster of the Month – Ladder Coffee

Kayt’s Pottery

When it comes to coffee, much of the focus (and rightly so) is on the drink itself. And while I love exploring the world of specialty coffee, this post goes in an entirely different direction. I was recently introduced to Kayt Andersen, who is the visionary behind Kayt’s Pottery, here in Calgary. She is making … More Kayt’s Pottery